Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment

Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment

Adoption in child and adolescent psychiatry

Respond to this discussion by. Providing at least two additional treatment strategies that could be used with this client and at least one additional cultural influence that you think should be considered. Explain your responses.
Please use APA references within 5 years. Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment


In layman’s language, adoption is a course action taken to provide affection, love, permanency and protection to a child into a new family when it becomes impossible for the birth or biological parents to provide the same for that child. It is a legal transfer of guardianship or parenthood from the biological parents to the adopted parents as per Sadock (2014). Adoption is becoming more common and people are more open to this his process in our society but at the same time, you will find more attention are also focused on the adopted parents, biological (birth ) parents and the adopted person and as per Sadock (2014) this three way interconnection is called adoption triad. Several factors go into the adoption to be successful and those factors are discussed below.Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment
Psychological issues that may result from Adoption
Adoption is becoming more popular, common and growing not only our country but globally, however there is widespread worry that adopted children are at a high risk for developing mental health disorder and adjustment complication resulting in more worry. As a rule, a good majority of adopted children accommodate and adapt to new environment, but there is also evidence to prove that adopted to develop adjustment problems and other emotional challenges compared to non- adopted children as per Kochenska (2017) Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment. These researches also conclude that individual adopted as infants adjust well, psychologically and physically but individual adopted at childhood and adolescents exhibits and but presents with disorders like Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorder (CD) and so on. (2016) remarks that the incidence of Substance Abuse Disorder (SAD) is found to be double in the adopted children as compared to non- adoptees. This does not mean that all adopted children acquire mental health. emotional substance abuse disorders, however, a majority of adoptees consume a lot of their time thinking and investigate about the bloodline and biological parents and find reasons for being adopted in the first placing wasting valuable time. As they become content with their loss of feelings, hateful thoughts, rejections, abandonment, fear and disregard, they eventually become more prone to become slaves to the triggers for the disorders that are mentioned above, suggests Kochanska (2017). Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment
Effective assessment measure for psychological issues
To rule out the risks mental health issues involved in the adopted children, before they are selected for any foster program, kinship, residential and adoptive care, clinicians use various tools, one such is Brief Assessment Checklist for Children (BAC-C) and Brief Assessment Checklist for Adolescents (BAC-A). These are tools that are mainly utilized as screening tools, however, it can also be used as case work monitoring tool for the Adoption, Foster and Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services as per Tarren-Sweeney (2013). These tools help to identify many risks factors associated with adopted children and adolescents. Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment

Treatment options available for adopted children/adolescents
In general. most adopted individual get over the adopted-related issues with any treatment intervention. You still find many adopted individuals suffer from problems such as identity, grief, loss, self- esteem and so for such individuals the tools as per (2016) can assist in overcoming those challenges.
Support Groups: Adopted individual who have emotional and other feelings can get from talking to people of similar experiences. Many such individual has hard feelings about adoption and locating their blood relative or biological parents, support groups would assist such individual with information, especially in locating their blood relatives.
Counseling: A resourceful counselor with skills, knowledge and work experience can assist such individual with new skills to cope with their feelings and emotions to live a meaningful and productive life. Individual will be influenced by the experiences and reactions of people who have gone through the similar experiences, but overcame such obstacle, though they were adopted. Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment
Education: Providing information about the experience of others available on adoption researches can assist in their coping mechanisms though being adopted.
The information technology with web sites, videos, books, research article on multiple adoption related topics an assist with many adopted individuals who struggle with challenges. Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment
Influence of culture on treatment
As the number of adoptions has dramatically increased, so are the concerns and problems faced by the adopted persons in recent years. In the previous decades, adopted persons settled their problems privately, related to their biological parents due to the lack of accurate information, however, currently concerns of the adoptees gets resolved quicker than compared to the past. With the recent breakthrough in information technology, more information and resource are available to the adopted to persons in getting the information about their birth families and support groups for such people states, de Araújo Burcharth Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment
Adoption is one of the most popular topics associated with child and adolescent psychiatry . The number of adopted persons increased in the recent years. With this rise also comes the problems associated with adoption such the rights of the adoptees, adopting families and birth families. As per Woolgar & Baldock (2015) the psychological and cultural issues associated with adoption receives excellent response due to the advancement of the information technology and therefore, in recent years the adopted persons joining their biological families is increasing as well. Adoption in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Essay Assignment