Adult Nursing Case Study Paper

Adult Nursing Case Study Paper

The nurse is admitting a 68-year-old patient with a history of ovarian cancer to the medical unit. She had surgery 2 months ago and has had pain ever since the surgery. She reports that she has been taking oxycodone at home, but that the pain is “never gone”

  1. The patient describes her pain as a 10 on a scale of 0-10, deep, occasionally cramping, and sharp or stabbing. She waves her hand over her chest and abdomen when asked to pinpoint the location of the pain, How should the nurse document this assessment of pain?Adult Nursing Case Study Paper



  1. During discussion with the pain resource nurse, it is suggested that the patient be given a Duragesic transdermal patch for pain management. She comments, “Oh, good! I know that will help make my pain go away quickly”. What is the best response to the patient’s comment?
  2. After consideration of her history and her pain management specialist recommends patient-controlled analgesia (PCA); the PCA therapy is explained and an infusion is started with morphine as a basal infusion as well as interval self-dosing.Adult Nursing Case Study Paper. The nurse selects the Pasero Opioid Induced Sedation Scale (POSS) to assess the patient for response to the new and additional opioid medication. Complete the table below by filling in the appropriate interventions that nurse would use for each observation for POSS.

S = Sleep, easy to arouse


1 = Awake and alert


2 = Slightly drowsy, easily aroused


3 = Frequently drowsy, arousable, drifts off to sleep during conversation


4 = Somnolent, minimal or no response to verbal and physical stimulation


  1. During the evening rounds, the patient is founded to be unresponsive with respiratory rate of 7 breath/min. Her son, who was staying with her, said that he “pushed the button a few times” while she was asleep because earlier “she said she was hurting but wouldn’t push it herself”. What would be the priority nursing actions?Adult Nursing Case Study Paper