Community Assessment Essay Assignment

Community Assessment Essay Assignment

For this assignment, identify an area of focus in community health within your own community.
Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework (p. 130 in your e-text), assess the health risks in your community.
In your community assessment paper, include the following:
Identify resources in your community that would enable you to complete a community assessment and submit a summary of your findings (1–2 paragraphs).
Refer to Table 8-3: Examples of Community Strengths and Concerns, and assess the strengths and concerns of your community (2–3 paragraphs). Community Assessment Essay Assignment


Identify potential barriers to implementing community health plans in your community and brainstorm ways of addressing these barriers (2–3 paragraphs).
Plan ahead: Next week, as Part B of this assignment, you will select one (1) identified risk from this assessment to develop a community-focused strategic plan to address that health risk. It is recommended that you look ahead to next week’s assignment so that you can begin framing your chosen community health focus.

Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use APA throughout.

You must include 2–3 sources that are APA cited and referenced in your paper. (Sources may include community resources such as flyers, brochures, interviews, news stories, and local research data from credible sources.)
Community Assessment Essay Assignment
Hi everyone!
Week three\'s paper is a community assessment, so make sure it is just that...Use Gordons\' assessment guide to assist you. DO NOT FOCUS ON ONLY ONE ISSUE...Do a GENERAL ASSESSMENT OF ALL ISSUES IN THE COMMUNITY...because in week four you will pick an issue you identified in week three to focus on\'
Assess the resources by accessing information about the community you are researching. What are the biggest issues in your community (there are usually more than one issue)?
What are the strengths (the good things) about your community, and what are the concerns?
Suppose you wanted to do something about the issues how would you go about implementing a community health plan? What would your resources be? Who would help you?
Use articles to substantiate your points and cite where you are obtaining your information from. Community Assessment Essay Assignment

Please do not personalize your paper but substantiate your ideas or opinions with research drawn from your readings. Also, for example do not write...\'My community\', or \'in my opinion\' or \'i have found that \'.... Use general terms such as \'The community under discussion in this paper is.... \"issues that have been highlighted include....
Those are just general examples of ensuring we are not using personal pronouns in our papers

Follow the objectives contained within the assessment guidelines

So remember...write on general issues in week three and focus on one of those identified issues for week four

Community Assessment Essay Assignment