Cultural Group-Assignment Essay Paper.

Cultural Group-Assignment Essay Paper.

Pick a cultural group (different from yours) that you commonly care for at work. Research the answers to the following…

  1. Health beliefs and practices
  2. Family patterns
  3. Communication style
  4. Space orientation
  5. Time orientation
  6. Nutritional Patterns.Cultural Group-Assignment Essay Paper.


  1. Pain Responses
  2. Childbirth and perinatal care
  3. Death and Dying
  4. Spirituality, religion, and faith (include holy days)
  5. Prayer and meditation. Cultural Group-Assignment Essay Paper.

What knowledge did you gain about this group that you were not aware of? How will this knowledge change the way you care for this cultural group?

This paper should include 2 outside references and your book. This paper should be at least 2000 words (this does not include the title page and reference page). Cultural Group-Assignment Essay Paper.