Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper

Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper

Assessment is as essential to family therapy as it is to individual therapy. Although families often present with one person identified as the “problem,” the assessment process will help you better understand family roles and determine whether the identified problem client is in fact the root of the family’s issues. As you examine the Hernandez Family: Sessions 1-6 videos in this week’s Learning Resources, consider how you might assess and treat the client family.Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper


Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Assess client families presenting for psychotherapy

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide on family assessment.
  • View the Hernandez Family: Sessions 1-6 videos, and consider how you might assess the family in the case study.

Note: For guidance on writing a comprehensive client assessment, refer to pages 137–142 of Wheeler (2014) in this week’s Learning Resources.

The Assignment

Address in a comprehensive client assessment of the Hernandez family the following:

  • Demographic information
  • Presenting problem
  • History or present illness
  • Past psychiatric history
  • Medical history
  • Substance use history
  • Developmental history
  • Family psychiatric history
  • Psychosocial history
  • History of abuse and/or trauma
  • Review of systems
  • Physical assessment
  • Mental status exam
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Case formulation
  • Treatment plan

Note: Any item you are unable to address from the video should be marked “needs to be added to” as you would in an actual comprehensive client assessment,. Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper


  Excellent (90-100)
Quality of Work Submitted: 

The extent of which work meets the assignned criteria and work reflects graduate level critical and analytic thinking.

27 (27%) - 30 (30%)

Assignment exceeds expectations. All topics are addressed with a minimum of 75% containing exceptional breadth and depth about each of the assignment topics.Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper

Quality of Work Submitted: The purpose of the paper is clear. 5 (5%) - 5 (5%)

A clear and comprehensive purpose statement is provided which delineates all required criteria.

Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extent to which the work reflects the student's ability to:

Understand and interpret the assignment's key concepts.

9 (9%) - 10 (10%)

Demonstrates the ability to critically appraise and intellectually explore key concepts.Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper

Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extent to which the work reflects the student's ability to:

Apply and integrate material in course resources (i.e. video, required readings, and textbook) and credible outside resources.

18 (18%) - 20 (20%)

Demonstrates and applies exceptional support of major points and integrates 2 or more credible outside sources, in addition to 2-3 course resources to support point of view.

Assimilation and Synthesis of Ideas: The extent to which the work reflects the student's ability to:

Synthesize (combines various components or different ideas into a new whole) material in course resources (i.e. video, required readings, textbook) and outside, credible resources by comparing different points of view and highlighting similarities, differences, and connections.

18 (18%) - 20 (20%)

Synthesizes and justifies (defends, explains, validates, confirms) information gleaned from sources to support major points presented. Applies meaning to the field of advanced nursing practice.Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper

Written Expression and Formatting
Paragraph and Sentence Structure: Paragraphs make clear points that support well developed ideas, flow logically, and demonstrate continuity of ideas. Sentences are clearly structured and carefully focused--neither long and rambling nor short and lacking substance.
8 (8%) - 8 (8%)

Paragraphs and sentences follow writing standards for structure, flow, continuity and clarity

Written Expression and Formatting
English writing standards: Correct grammar, mechanics, and proper punctuation
7 (7%) - 7 (7%)

Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation with no errors.

Hernandez Family Assessment Essay Paper