Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment

Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment

I just need to 3 responses to the Discussions, and about 100 words for each responses.

1. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and I was the pedestrian. This happened when I was attending high school and I was walking to school and suddenly I was crossing the road and I was struck by a sedan.It happened so fast and I did not realize that I sustained an injury and attempted to get up. The security guards from the school had to hold me down because the did not want me further injure myself. The paramedics arrived and determined that i dislocated my right shoulder and right knee. The street that I crossed now has a streetlight that should have been there to begin with.Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment


2. After reviewing the statistics of injuries some of the things I learned is that there is a lot of injuries that occur when it comes to poisoning, vehicle, and firearm injuries. I assumed that injuries usually happen at home or at work. After reading the page, there is a high number of physician visits for injury related conditions. I never knew that poisoning would be considered an injury because I assumed that injuries include broken legs, bruising, and other factors that don't deal with poisoning. The importance of the data that was provided allows people to have a better understanding of the prevalence of injuries. The data shows that injuries can be a common reason as to why people go to see their physicians. It showed me that not all physician visits are sick visits but injury related as well. Overall, the page provided importance in understanding the statistics of injuries and how common it is.Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment

3. The blog I had chosen is the Suicide Among Former NFL Players and what I have gathered from reading the page is that there is a small correlation between playing football and suicide. One of the things I would comment is that I strongly believe there can be an association between playing football and suicide because playing football has it's own risk of getting seriously hurt.Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment. Playing football is known for getting concussions and other serious related injuries. Although there are no scientific evidence to prove the theory but there is still a possibility that playing football correlates to suicide. Not only does playing football play a factor but there are many other factors that can result in suicide and these are environmental factors and the surroundings of the former NFL players. After playing football, some get into serious trouble with the law because they are not able to live a life outside of football and they have a lot of money to use as well. Overall, I believe that there is a slight correlation between playing football, retiring and suicide.Injury Prevention Nursing Essay Assignment