Need for Certification Nursing Assignment

Need for Certification Nursing Assignment

Using a search engine such as Google, do an online search for "First Aid Certification Required." Select one article with information about a profession that requires first aid or cpr certification. Use an electronic article not used in a previous posting. This topic has five main issues that you must address in your message.


1. What profession did you select for which First Aid or CPR training and/or certification are required?

2. Detail the situations inherent in that profession that might necessitate that the professional be trained and/or certified in First Aid and/or CPR.

3. Research the job requirements for this profession and state whether or not it is actually required for positions in this profession.

4. Does your profession or one that you are interested in pursuing require certification?

5. This class does not require certification but does offer a special session on campus for students interested in certification. Will you participate in this - why or why not?

6. Give the web hyperlinked web address of the article you use. No credit will be given for the posting unless the hyperlink works. Need for Certification Nursing Assignment