New Student Orientation Assignment

New Student Orientation Assignment

New Student Orientation Guidelines


The purpose of this assignment is to promote the use of effective strategies learned in New Student Orientation (NSO) to promote success as an online student.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO #5. Apply concepts of professionalism when planning for personal,intellectual,and professional development. (PO#5)New Student Orientation Assignment


CO #9.Demonstrate accountability for personal and professional development by assessing information and technology competence,implementing plans for upgrading technology skills, and using effective strategies for online student success using resources provided to Chamberlain students. (PO#5)



Submit the assignment to theWeek4Dropboxby Sunday,11:59 p.m.MT.


This assignment is worth a total of100points.

PREPARING THE New Student Orientation Assignment

  1. 1. Carefully read this document (New Student Orientation Guidelines),including the Rubric.
  2. 2. From Doc Sharing,download the New Student Orientation Template.Rename that document as Your Last Nam eNew Student Orientation.docx. Save it to your own computer or flashdrive in a location where you will be able to retrieve it later.Type your answers directly onthe saved document.Remember that only Microsoft Word 2010oralater version is acceptable.The document mustbesaved as a.docx.Save your work frequently as you type to preventlossofyourwork.New Student Orientation Assignment
  3. 3. When you viewed theNew Student Orientation, you downloaded the Certificate at the end of the orientation and saved it to your computer or flash drive as a PDF file in a location where you can retrieve it.
  4. 4. Upload that saved Certificate of completion to the Week 4 Dropbox. See theWeek4 Assignments pageforstep-by-step instructionsonhowto usethe Dropbox.
  5. 5. CompletetheNew Student OrientationTemplate with your answers to the assigned questions.
  6. 6. Upload the completed New Student OrientationTemplate to the Week 4 Dropbox.
  7. 7. There are TWO documents to upload:
  8. a. Certificate of completion of the New Student Orientation (NSO)New Student Orientation Assignment
  9. b. Your completed New Student OrientationTemplate

New Student Orientation Template


Student Name: Date:




  1. 1. Carefully read the New Student Orientation Guidelines found in Doc Sharing. This provides specific details on how to complete this assignment. Carefully read the Rubric prior to completing this assignment.
  2. 2. Rename this document by clicking Save As. Change the file name so it reads Your Last Name New Student Orientation.docx. For example, if your last name is Smith, type Smith New Student Orientation.docx.
  3. 3. Save the document as a .docx compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 or later.
  4. 4. Type your name and date at the top of this template.New Student Orientation Assignment
  5. 5. Type your answers directly on the template. Follow all instructions. Save frequently to prevent loss of your work.
  6. 6. Prior to the due date, post questions about this assignment to the Q& A Forum so your classmates can read the advice, too. You may also e-mail questions to your instructor.
  7. 7. Submit to the Dropbox by the end of Week 4, Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT:
  8. a. Certificate of completion of the New Student Orientation (NSO)New Student Orientation Assignment
  9. b. Your completed New Student Orientation Template
Item Instructions Type your answers below.
Certificate of NSO Completion:Submit Certificate of NSO Completion as PDF that is clearly readable. Do not type in this box.
Specific Items Learned in NSO(3 required)

Clearly state three (3) different items learned from NSO.Details and depth are expected.



Statement of how NSO will help you to succeedClearly state how NSO will help you to succeedas an online student.Details and depth are expected.New Student Orientation Assignment
Specific Strategy you will use to promote your successClearly state one specific strategy you will use to succeedas an online student.Details and depth are expected.

New Student Orientation Assignment