Nursing Capstone Project Assignment

Nursing Capstone Project Assignment

1….Stakeholder support is necessary for a successful change proposal project implementation of THE NURSING SHORTAGE WITH A PRIMAR FOCUS ON PERIOPERATIVE SERVICES. Consider your internal stakeholders, such as the facility, unit or health care setting where the change process is situated, and your external stakeholders like CA, or other like an individual or group outside the health care setting. Why is their support necessary to the success of your project, and how you will go about securing that support? SUBMIT 3 peer review scholarly references including citations in the document. Nursing Capstone Project Assignment.Use APA format for references. 1 page document for number 1.

2, 1 page document for number 2…

Technology is integral to successful implementation in many projects, through either support or integration or both. Name at least one technology that could improve the implementation process and the outcomes of your EBP project OF THE NURSING SHORTAGE. Do you plan to use this technology? Nursing Capstone Project Assignment.YES If not, what are the barriers that prevent its use? 1page with 3 peer reviewed references cited in document. 1 Page document for number 2. The documents can be combined yet separated in one file for number 1 and number 2.

Syllabus for 1 and 2



Topic: Evidence-Based Practice Proposal Project Development and Implementation Plan 1

Course Contents

e-Library Resource

  1. Best Practice in Nursing: A Concept Analysis

Read "Best Practice in Nursing: A Concept Analysis," by Nelson, from International Journal of Nursing Studies (2014).


  1. Defining What Evidence Is, Linking It to Patient Outcomes, and Making It Relevant to Practice: Insight From Clinical Nurses

Read "Defining What Evidence Is, Linking It to Patient Outcomes, and Making It Relevant to Practice: Insight From Clinical Nurses," by Campbell, Ferris, and Sidani, from Applied Nursing Research (2013).


  1. Evidence-Based Practice

Read "Evidence-Based Practice," by Franz, from the Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health (2015), for specific information on developing a literature review.


  1. Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step: Following the Evidence: Planning for Sustainable Change

Read "Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step: Following the Evidence: Nursing Capstone Project Assignment.Planning for Sustainable Change," by Fineout-Overholt, Williamson, Gallagher-Ford, Melnyk, and Stillwell, from American Journal of Nursing (2011).


  1. Inside Looking In or Inside Looking Out? How Leaders Shape Cultures Equipped for Evidence-Based Practice

Read "'Inside Looking In' or 'Inside Looking Out'? How Leaders Shape Cultures Equipped for Evidence-Based Practice," by Halm, from American Journal of Critical Care(2010).Nursing Capstone Project Assignment


  1. Research at the Bedside: It Makes a Difference

Read "Research at the Bedside: It Makes a Difference," by Bridges, from American Journal of Critical Care (2015).

Introducing AORN's New Model for Evidence Rating.Nursing Capstone Project Assignment


Spruce, Lisa; Van Wicklin, Sharon A.; Hicks, Rodney W.; Conner, Ramona; Dunn, Debra


Director, perioperative evidence-based practice, AORN, Inc, Denver, CO
Perioperative nursing specialist, AORN, Inc, Denver, CO
Professor and assistant director of the Doctor of Nursing Program, Western University of Health Sciences College of Graduate Nursing, Pomona, CA
Manager, standards and recommended practices, AORN, Inc, Denver, CO
East Orange General Hospital, East Orange, NJ


AORN Journal (AORN J), 2014; 99(2): 243-255. (13p)

Publication Type:

Journal Article - algorithm, forms, tables/charts




Professional Practice, Evidence-Based -- Evaluation


AORN; Perioperative Nursing; Literature Searching; Reference Databases, Health; Randomized Controlled Trials; Systematic Review; Quasi-Experimental Studies; Nonexperimental Studies; Qualitative Studies; Case Studies; Practice Guidelines; Literature Review; Information ClearinghousesAbstract: Core Nursing; Double Blind Peer Reviewed; Expert Peer Reviewed; Nursing; Peer Reviewed; USA.Nursing Capstone Project Assignment

Special Interest:

Evidence-Based Practice; Perioperative Care




PMID: 24472588 NLM UID: 0372403

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Nurses today are expected to implement evidence-based practices in the perioperative setting to assess and implement practice changes. All evidence-based practice begins with a question, a practice problem to address, or a needed change that is identified. To assess the question, a literature search is performed and relevant literature is identified and appraised. Nursing Capstone Project Assignment.The types of evidence used to inform practice can be scientific research (eg, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews) or nonresearch evidence (eg, regulatory and accrediting agency requirements, professional association practice standards and guidelines, quality improvement project reports). The AORN recommended practices are a synthesis of related knowledge on a given topic, and the authorship process begins with a systematic review of the literature conducted in collaboration with a medical librarian. At least two appraisers independently evaluate the applicable literature for quality and strength by using the AORN Research Appraisal Tool and AORN Non-Research Appraisal Tool. To collectively appraise the evidence supporting particular practice recommendations, the AORN recommended practice.Nursing Capstone Project Assignment