Nursing Cover Letter Assignment

Nursing Cover Letter Assignment

Attention: Human Resources Department

University of Maryland Capital Region Hospital Center

3001 Hospital Drive, Cheverly

MD 20785.


Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is about the Psychiatric Mental Nurse Practitioner position that I am seeking in your facility. I enclosed my resume for your review and consideration because I believed I have all the requirement for the job. I graduated from Bowie State University in 2012 with Bachelor of science degree in Professional Nurse. I have an active registered nurse license in the state of Maryland and Washington District of Columbia.


Upon my graduation, I began my nursing career in Hospitals and other healthcare institution within the metropolitan area. My vast experience across all unit was considered when I joined your organization as a Behavioral Health RN since 2016 till present.Nursing Cover Letter Assignment. My long time goal is to continue with the company providing caring as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


I will be completing my master degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program by August 2018, and  I aim to take and pass my certify board exam as soon as possible. The work experience and skill that I have gained from working in the different department within the field together with the knowledge acquired from the institution will be used to provide continuous and comprehensive optimal service for the promotion of mental health care.Nursing Cover Letter Assignment.


I have worked as a case manager in an institution that provides palliative and hospice care to patient and family in need of end of life care that uses the holistic approach. Working as a team with management and with the subordinate had proved my good interpersonal skill. Also as an individual have to give me the opportunity to make autonomy decision with my patient interest as my priority.  I have a useful communication skill and the ability to de-escalate a crisis.

It will be an excellent opportunity for me to continue with the organization since I possess all requirements.

Thank you in advance for consideration and personal interview for further detail.


Sincerely Yours,


Nursing Cover Letter Assignment