Pathophysiology Nursing Paper

Pathophysiology Nursing Paper

Ann is a 32-year-old married female who presents to her nurse practitioner reporting lower abdominal pain, cramping, slight fever, and dysuria of 3 days duration.

History includes:Pathophysiology Nursing Paper

LMP 2 weeks ago (regular)

Reports oral contraceptive use

Reports pain in lower abdomen with cramping and pain on urination for 3 days


Denies any GI problems, reports regular bowel movements.

Denies vaginal discharge

Ann is married and in a monogamous relationship. Has one child age 2

Reports no use of condoms/sexual intercourse 2-3 times per week

Denies any history of STDs

Physical Exam reveals:Pathophysiology Nursing Paper

Temp 100. 6, P 80 BP 100/62 Wt. 125 Ht. 5’3’’


No CVA tenderness

Pain in lower quadrants with light palpation.

Positive inguinal lymphadenopathy

External genitalia without lesions or discharge Pelvic exam reveals minimal cervical mucopus Bimanual exam reveals uterine and adnexal tenderness and cervical motion pain.Pathophysiology Nursing Paper

Uterus anterior, midline, smooth, not enlarged

1. Based on the above case what is your diagnosis and what is an appropriate CDC-recommended therapeutic regimen for this patient?Pathophysiology Nursing Paper