Pulmonary Embolism Essay Assignment

Pulmonary Embolism Essay Assignment

Please write current resources within 5 years

Primary Diagnosis:

Status/Condition: (Critical, Guarded, Stable, etc.)

Code Status:


Admit to Unit:

Activity Level:



IVF (if ordered, include type and rate ):

Critical Drips (If ordered, include type and rate. Do not defer to ICU Protocol):

Respiratory: 0xygen (if ordered, include type and rate), pulmonary toilet needs, ventilator settings:

Medications: (include ALL, tx of primary condition, underlying conditions, pain, comfort needs etc. dose and route)

Nursing Orders: vital signs, skin care, toileting, ambulation etc. Pulmonary Embolism Essay Assignment

Follow Up Lab tests :

Diagnostic testing (CXR, US, 2D Echo, etc…) Include indication for test, for example CXR to evaluate pneumonia):

Consults: [Do not defer management to a specialist. As an ACNP you must manage the patient’s acute needs for at least a 24 hour period]. Include indication for consult, for example “Cardiology consult for evaluation of new-onset atrial fibrillation., or Nutrition consult for TPN recommendations.”

Patient Education and Health Promotion (address age appropriate patient education if applicable):

Discharge planning and required follow-up care:

References (minimum of 3, timely, that prove this plan follows current standard of care).

Pulmonary Embolism Essay Assignment