Qualitative Research Essay Assignment

Qualitative Research Essay Assignment

Qualitative Research

Researchers must make informed choices about the type of methodology that they use for a research study. This week, you have been considering how and when qualitative research methods should be employed, as well as the particular challenges involved in conducting this kind of research as opposed to quantitative research.


To prepare for this Discussion, review the article "Revisiting Employee Benefits Managers" in this week's Learning Resources. This article describes a qualitative research study. Reflecting on this article as well as the other Learning Resources from this week, consider the following questions:Qualitative Research Essay Assignment

What are the goals and purposes of this research study?
Why do you think the researchers chose to use qualitative research for this study? How and why was interviewing, in particular, used?
What other qualitative methods could be used to address the research issue discussed in this article? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these methods?
How could findings from this study (using interviews) be used to conduct broader research involving surveys?
By Day 4, post a comprehensive response to the following:Qualitative Research Essay Assignment
Explain the purpose and characteristics of qualitative research. Describe at least two insights you gained from the article "Revisiting Employee Benefits Managers," as well as from this week's other Learning Resources.
Identify one type of descriptive statistic or graph used by the authors in the article and explain why you think this element did—or did not—enhance the article.
Describe the strengths and weaknesses of this particular research method: interviewing. Compare and contrast it with at least one other qualitative method that could be used to address the issue that is the focus of the article.Qualitative Research Essay Assignment