Response Regarding Stress in Clinicals Essay Assignment

Response Regarding Stress in Clinicals Essay Assignment

I may say that the one of the most challenging clinical experience this semester is the stress. Stress is a reaction perceived from an external or internal condition that affects individual well-being (Piotrowski, & Hollar, 2013).Between school, work, and personal life can be daunting at some point and figure out how to balance my scheduled Starting Acute Care 1 feels this is the for real, a new role, and the learning that needed are overwhelming. This current clinical rotation is new a new experience for me because it is more focus on acute care setting and it is a new learning environment.Response Regarding Stress in Clinicals Essay Assignment.


On the other hand, I always keep in mind that this experiences that I encountered are in my best interest and will benefit me in my career. Nurse practitioners clinical learning experiences are vital part of their learning process (Staples & Sangster-Gormley, 2018). Dealing with this ongoing stress takes time. On my, during the second of my clinical rotation, I remember I asked my clinical preceptor “how did you do it, stress you had when you were studying nurse practitioner,” he replied “ just take it easy and study.Response Regarding Stress in Clinicals Essay Assignment. I smiled and sighed, I guess it was easy to say than done. Clinical faculty and clinical preceptor provides continuous supportive learning and as a role model in promoting quality and safety patient care (Dahlke, O\'Connor, Hannesson & Cheetham, (2016). By the guidance of the clinical preceptor, clinical preceptor and didactic professor it may decrease the anxiety and stress. As of now, I will try to be consistent with my time management and ways of decreasing my stress and most importantly having the positive mindset. Therefore, to be great advance practice nurse is to learn from great mentors.Response Regarding Stress in Clinicals Essay Assignment


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