Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

For this assignment, your objective is to provide high-level feedback to one of your fellow classmates that will help to improve her or his final essay. Please completely fill out each question in this worksheet to help your fellow student.
Name of the student whose essay you reviewed:ABCDE
Your Name:abcde
First, in three to five sentences, summarize the overall argument addressed in this essay as well as how well you think this draft meets the assignment requirements listed in the Signature Assignment Instructions. Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

Next, answer each of the following questions using complete sentences, addressing each question in its entirety, and providing specific examples when possible.

Remember that you can give both positive and negative answers to help highlight the best aspects of the essay and those areas that need revision. Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.
Content-Specific Questions
⦁ Can you identify the main argument being discussed?

⦁ Can you identify the thesis statement? Does it address the main points that the writer will be making in the essay?

⦁ At any point in the essay, can you identify the author’s opinion on the controversy? If so, can you address where the bias is revealed?Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

⦁ Are the arguments for both sides equally addressed?


⦁ How effectively does the introduction engage the reader while providing an overview of the main argument?

⦁ Can you identify the topic sentences for each body paragraph? Be sure to list any body paragraphs that do not appear to have topic sentences.

⦁ Does the paper effectively use transitions? Be sure to point out any areas where a topic shift occurs that seems to be abrupt.

⦁ Is the conclusion effective? Does it summarize the main points and bring the discussion to a logical and satisfying ending?

⦁ Does the essay use appropriate APA formatting, including double-spacing, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1" margins, and appropriate paragraph indentations?

⦁ Can you identify any areas where outside sources appear to be used without including in-text citations? Provide specific examples here. Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

⦁ When in-text citations are used, do they follow APA formatting?

⦁ Does the essay include the required eight sources? Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

⦁ Can you identify any issues with the reference page? If so, please provide specific examples,

Grammar and Mechanics
⦁ Does the writer use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling? If not, please provide examples of errors in need of correction.

⦁ Is the writing clear and comprehensible throughout the draft? If not, please provide examples in need of improvement. Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.

Three strengths of this version of this essay are:

Three aspects of this essay to work on before final submission are:
3. Signature Essay Peer Review Assignment Paper.