The Metaparadigm of Environment Essay Paper

The Metaparadigm of Environment Essay Paper

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• Contrast the significance of the metaparadigms to your practice with that presented by your peers.
• Share any additional thoughts about the four metaparadigms.
• Present new references that support your opinions.
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For the purpose of this discussion, I am choosing the metaparadigm of environment. Environmental metaparadigm deals with the way the nurse manipulates the environmental resources to bring about patient recovery. It refers to everything around patients that impacts their illness and recovery, including internal and social factors such as mental state, geographic location, culture, and personal relationships. It is very important for the patient to be in an environment that is conducive to his or her recovery (, 2018)The Metaparadigm of Environment Essay Paper. Examples of environmental resources I manipulate to effect recovery is the temperature, medication, nutrition, positioning patient, hygiene, noise reduction, and emotional support., etc.
For example, I have a patient who is critically ill and intubated. She is unable to communicate her needs and is very anxious because of that. Anxiety and agitation raise the vital signs of patients, thus impeding healing. I administer propofol sedation and Fentanyl narcotic drips and titrate them to safe sedations levels so the patient`s body can rest and recovery of vital organs can occur.

The two nursing theorists I am exploring their views on the metaparadigm of environment are Jean
Watson and Florence Nightingale.
Jean Watson, an American Nurse, and theorist developed the theory of caring. (Branch, Deak, Hiner, & Holzwart, n., d.). I can call her the mother of holistic

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